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I Hate To Cook, But I Love To Eat!

This Realtor Can Cook!

Hello Friends! Okay, I confess that I hate to cook, but I love to eat! I think the worst part of cooking is deciding on what to fix. I was a picky eater growing up. Over the years, I started trying new recipes and I acquired a taste for a lot of different foods. Some might call me a foodie.

What I do know is it wouldn’t be a home without a home cooked meal.

However, home cooked means different to all. When I married my husband, home cooked meant chicken nuggets and cheese dip or pre-made frozen lasagna.

I think my kids always thought that I loved to cook. What they didn’t realize, it was a struggle!

If you are like me and you hate to cook but you love to eat, I hope that you will continue to follow my blog on quick and easy homemade meals.

For starters, I am sharing a family favorite. If you like sloppy joes, you will love this recipe. It literally takes about 30 minutes to cook and you have a delicious meal.

The great news is you can heat up the left overs and serve on top of rice or even a baked potato. Sound good?

So, keep reading!

If you don’t like ground beef, you can substitute it for ground turkey or chicken. My personal favorite is the ground chicken.

For a great muffin recipe follow this link. Check back for more quick and easy home cooked recipes at


Sloppy Joes