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3 First Time Home Buyer’s Tips

First-time home buyers are back and represent almost half of all home buyers even with the rise in interest. There are many benefits to owning your own home. One is building home equity with every payment. It does take a little time but home equity can allow you to remodel your home, pay off credit cards, or purchase a vacation home. Another reason is a tax deduction which could lower the amount of taxes that you owe. Whatever your reason to purchase a home it is important to have a plan. I’m going to share 3 first time home buyer’s tips.

3 Tips for First Time Home Buyer

  1. Make an appointment with a lender to discuss the pre-approval process. A pre-approval letter comes from a lender and tells you how much money you can get based on your income. This information will help you know how much you can afford and make a stronger offer.
  2. Save for a down payment and closing fees. If you qualify as a first time home-buyer you may qualify for state programs such as down payment assistance. However, if you can put 20% down, you can avoid PMI (private mortgage insurance).
  3. Choose a real estate agent wisely. A good real estate agent will search for homes that fit your wish list. Ask your real estate agent about their experience with first time home buyers.

I have helped first time home buyers find the home of their dreams. I love working with people and helping them achieve their goals. It is important to find an agent that will work with you and answer your questions. Also, I am affiliated with a Better Homes and Gardens, Senter, REALTORS.

Better Homes and Gardens has so much to offer such as home decorating tips.

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