Buying Tackle your Summer home maintenance with these three easy tips!   Summer is upon us and it has been so hot here in Texas. Summer is a great time to do a few maintenance things around your home. Tackle your Summer home maintenance with these three easy tips! First, make a list of things around the house that needs to be repaired. Second, prioritize the […]
Bathrooms Three Ways To Embrace The New Decor Trends!   Hello friends! One of the newest trends for 2022 is Art Deco design. If you love timeless, this decor trend is for you. The Art Deco style dates back to the 1920s. Today, I am sharing three ways to embrace the new decor trends. First, Terrazo is making a big comeback. Many homeowners are […]
Buying The Best Trends and Designs For Creating A Home Office! Happy Monday! As I have discussed in my previous blogs, many people are working from home or they have a home business. Home offices are more than a corner in your home. Many homeowners are converting a bedroom into a cozy and relaxing home office. In my blog this week, I will discuss the best […]
Buying Let’s Talk Kitchen Cabinet Hardware! Whether you are buying or selling your home, these great kitchen hardware tips are for you. Maybe you want to add a personal touch to your kitchen and don’t know where to start. Let’s talk kitchen cabinet hardware. The first thing to think about when choosing new kitchen hardware is the finish. If you prefer […]
Bathrooms Let’s Talk Luxury Bathrooms! Are you looking to update your bathroom in your home? Whether you are buying or selling, an updated bathroom adds value. With the right updates, you can turn a bathroom in your home into your very on personal spa.Let’s talk luxury bathrooms. As I have discussed in my previous blogs, start with a budget. Use […]
Buying Let’s Talk Curb Appeal! Are you thinking about selling your home? Maybe you recently purchased your dream home, but you want to spruce up the flower beds! Let’s talk curb appeal! Better Homes and Gardens have so many great ideas to help you with the process. It all starts with a budget. Put a pencil to how much you […]
Buying Let’s Talk Kitchens!   More and more family and friends are spending more time cooking together at home. Whether you are buying or selling, the kitchen is a focal point in the home. When I walk into a house, I imagine myself and my family sitting at the table in the kitchen, laughing and enjoying a meal together. […]
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