Curb AppealOutdoors April 18, 2022

3 Quick and Easy Ways to Start a Garden!

Happy Monday! There is never a better time to start a garden. According to some, it is better to wait until after Easter to plant because it is the frost-free growing season. Today, I am sharing 3 quick and easy ways to start a garden!

You may be a beginner gardener like me.  I haven’t had much luck with growing my own vegetables.

However, I do love the idea of growing my own vegetables. I love the farmer’s market and I can’t wait for the growing season.

So, this year, I made a decision to start a small garden.

3 quick and easy ways to start a garden!

First, I visited our local Lowe’s store and purchased a patio tomato plant, a strawberry plant, some herbs, a marigold, and a daisy.

Second, I purchased a few inexpensive pots and a water can.

Third,  I ordered a couple of solar powered butterflies and a frog to add to my flower beds.

My grandparents always had a garden. She canned and pickled vegetables every Summer. It was a lot of work but she loved doing it.

I would love to hear from you about your gardens. What do you plant in your garden? What is your favorite Summer vegetable?

Stay tuned this week for my pickled beet recipe. If you love beets, you will love this easy recipe.

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