Outdoors Preparing for the Arctic Blast: A Step-by-Step Guide Hey folks, it seems like we’re in for some chilly weather starting this Sunday. It’s never too early to plan ahead and take some precautions before the cold sets in across the Big Country. Preparing for the Arctic Blast: step-by step guide. To start off, be sure to inspect various components of your vehicle, including […]
Kitchens How About We Go On A Picnic! Happy Tuesday, friends! As we head into the Summer months I hope that you have some great plans. How about we go on a picnic! One of my most favorite things to do with the family are going on picnics. If you have your backyard oasis Summer ready, it would be so easy to picnic […]
Curb Appeal Get Summer Ready With Your Very Own Outdoor Sanctuary! Hello friends, whether you are buying or selling, the outdoor space has become more important. As we talked about last week, it is time to plant a garden or maybe some flowers. Whatever you decide, Better Homes and Gardens has a great selection of outdoor decor to choose from. Get Summer ready with your very […]
Curb Appeal 3 Quick and Easy Ways to Start a Garden! Happy Monday! There is never a better time to start a garden. According to some, it is better to wait until after Easter to plant because it is the frost-free growing season. Today, I am sharing 3 quick and easy ways to start a garden! You may be a beginner gardener like me.  I haven’t […]
Buying Let’s Talk Curb Appeal! Are you thinking about selling your home? Maybe you recently purchased your dream home, but you want to spruce up the flower beds! Let’s talk curb appeal! Better Homes and Gardens have so many great ideas to help you with the process. It all starts with a budget. Put a pencil to how much you […]
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