Interior DesignUncategorized February 27, 2023

The 70s and 80s Design Trends Are Back in 2023!

Hello Friends, and happy Tuesday! Design is fun. I love learning about new trends in home design. I grew up in the 70s and the 80s. There were so many design trends that I never thought would come back in style. However, I was wrong. The 70s and 80s design trends are back in 2023!

Midcentury modern from the 70s used colors such as mustard, sage, and terracotta are back. Furniture was made from teak, oak, and rosewood. The midcentury modern design is clean and functional.

The 1980s trends such as the the preppy styles of crisp white and blue palettes look great in a bedroom or living room. You can even get away with adding some neon colors. Add wallpaper or a colorful rug to living room.

You can shop at your favorite vintage store and pick up a few midcentury modern pieces to follow the trend. Many of these stores have great rugs as well.

If you are wanting to stay on trend and update your home, the 70s and 80s design trends are back in 2023.

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