Buying Abilene Relocation Guide for a Smooth Move! Hello friends! Are you thinking about moving to Abilene? Check out my comprehensive guide below: Abilene relocation guide for a smooth move! There are several essential factors to ponder when planning a move to a another city. Cost of Living Have you wondered about the cost of living in Abilene, Texas compared to your current […]
Buying Who Loves To Shop For Vintage Decor?   Hello Friends! Who loves to shop for vintage decor? Abilene Texas is your one stop shop for some amazing vintage buys. We have so many great places to choose from. Some of the items may be a little out of date, however, others can add that pizazz to your home decor. You will find […]
Buying 3 First Time Home Buyer’s Tips First-time home buyers are back and represent almost half of all home buyers even with the rise in interest. There are many benefits to owning your own home. One is building home equity with every payment. It does take a little time but home equity can allow you to remodel your home, pay off credit […]
Interior Design The 70s and 80s Design Trends Are Back in 2023! Hello Friends, and happy Tuesday! Design is fun. I love learning about new trends in home design. I grew up in the 70s and the 80s. There were so many design trends that I never thought would come back in style. However, I was wrong. The 70s and 80s design trends are back in 2023! […]
Pets Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Pigs, Oh My! Hello Friends, I hope that you are having a wonderful Summer and have spend time with your family and friends. I can’t believe that school will start soon. Many people are thinking about selling their home. Today, I am answering your questions about our pets. Dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, oh my! One question that I […]
Buying Tackle your Summer home maintenance with these three easy tips!   Summer is upon us and it has been so hot here in Texas. Summer is a great time to do a few maintenance things around your home. Tackle your Summer home maintenance with these three easy tips! First, make a list of things around the house that needs to be repaired. Second, prioritize the […]
Kitchens How About We Go On A Picnic! Happy Tuesday, friends! As we head into the Summer months I hope that you have some great plans. How about we go on a picnic! One of my most favorite things to do with the family are going on picnics. If you have your backyard oasis Summer ready, it would be so easy to picnic […]
Interior Design One Design Trend That Really Makes A Difference! One design trend that really makes a difference is adding accent pillows. I enjoy changing pillows with the seasons or the holidays. There are many different designs that are affordable but they add so much to the overall look of a room. One design trend that never goes out of style are handmade pillows. When […]
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Bathrooms Three Ways To Embrace The New Decor Trends!   Hello friends! One of the newest trends for 2022 is Art Deco design. If you love timeless, this decor trend is for you. The Art Deco style dates back to the 1920s. Today, I am sharing three ways to embrace the new decor trends. First, Terrazo is making a big comeback. Many homeowners are […]
Buying The Best Trends and Designs For Creating A Home Office! Happy Monday! As I have discussed in my previous blogs, many people are working from home or they have a home business. Home offices are more than a corner in your home. Many homeowners are converting a bedroom into a cozy and relaxing home office. In my blog this week, I will discuss the best […]
Selling How Do I Get My Home Ready To Sell?   Hello friends and happy Tuesday! We are in a seller’s market and you may be thinking about putting your home on the market but you don’t know where to start! Let’s talk about how to get your home ready to sell? Today, I am sharing a a couple of tips to get you started […]
Curb Appeal Get Summer Ready With Your Very Own Outdoor Sanctuary! Hello friends, whether you are buying or selling, the outdoor space has become more important. As we talked about last week, it is time to plant a garden or maybe some flowers. Whatever you decide, Better Homes and Gardens has a great selection of outdoor decor to choose from. Get Summer ready with your very […]
Curb Appeal 3 Quick and Easy Ways to Start a Garden! Happy Monday! There is never a better time to start a garden. According to some, it is better to wait until after Easter to plant because it is the frost-free growing season. Today, I am sharing 3 quick and easy ways to start a garden! You may be a beginner gardener like me.  I haven’t […]
Interior Design Let’s Talk About Pet Friendly Homes! Happy Monday! Let’s face it, our pets are a part of our families. We want to make sure our furry friends are well taken care of and feel comfortable in our homes. According to the American Pet Products Association’s 2021-2022 National Pet Owners Survey, “total pet industry expenditures in the United States totaled $103 billion.” […]
Buying Let’s Talk Kitchen Cabinet Hardware! Whether you are buying or selling your home, these great kitchen hardware tips are for you. Maybe you want to add a personal touch to your kitchen and don’t know where to start. Let’s talk kitchen cabinet hardware. The first thing to think about when choosing new kitchen hardware is the finish. If you prefer […]
Kitchens You’re Going To Love This Recipe! Do you love pulled pork sliders? Pulled pork has become more and more popular especially at barbecue restaurants and backyard barbecues. When you cook pulled pork, it is best to cook it for a long period of time. The more tender the pork is, the easier it is to shred. You’re going to love this […]
Kitchens I Hate To Cook, But I Love To Eat! Do you love tacos as much as I do? Millions of people eat crunchy or soft tacos every day. Just thinking about today’s recipe makes me so happy. One of my husband’s most favorite meal is lasagna. I am combining two favorite dishes into one and Ta-da, we have Ta-sagna! Okay, I made up the […]
Selling Let’s Talk Front Doors! More than just a door! Whether you are buying or selling, the front door of your home is more than just a door. First impressions are key to catching the eye of a prospective buyer. It’s more than a just a color. The front door can add to the value of your home by enhancing […]
Kitchens I Hate To Cook, But I Love To Eat! Hello Friends! Okay, I confess that I hate to cook, but I love to eat! I think the worst part of cooking is deciding on what to fix. I was a picky eater growing up. Over the years, I started trying new recipes and I acquired a taste for a lot of different foods. Some […]
Bathrooms Let’s Talk Luxury Bathrooms! Are you looking to update your bathroom in your home? Whether you are buying or selling, an updated bathroom adds value. With the right updates, you can turn a bathroom in your home into your very on personal spa.Let’s talk luxury bathrooms. As I have discussed in my previous blogs, start with a budget. Use […]